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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: August 2011

11 - Flame retardant polymer nanocomposites with fullerenes as filler

from Part II - Flame retardancy



Organic polymers are rapidly and increasingly taking the place of traditional inorganic and metallic materials in various fields owing to their excellent properties, such as low density, resistance to erosion, and ease of processing. However, organic polymers are inherently flammable; their use can cause the occurrence of large fires and, consequently, loss of lives and properties. Thus, enhancing the flame retardancy of these organic polymers is becoming more and more imperative with their wider application, especially in fields such as electronics where high flame retardancy is required.

For traditional flame retardants, on one hand, a very high loading is usually needed to meet flame retardancy demands, which can lead to the deterioration of mechanical properties; on the other hand, utilization of flame retardants can cause environmental problems.

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