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  • Print publication year: 2001
  • Online publication date: March 2010

3 - Models of Sentential Integration


France's Christophe Rinero led a group coming off the first two peaks. Then Pantani began his charge toward the front as the leaders headed up 8,650-foot Galibier mountain.

He eventually built up a lead of nearly three minutes at the top of the mountain and even had time to stop and put on a plastic jacket to protect him from the wind and cold on the descent.

Although Ullrich cut the gap slightly on the downhill, Pantani moved away on the final climb to the ski station of Les Deux almost 5,400 feet, with the rain worsening.

– Associated Press, Pantani takes lead as Ullrich fades

As you read this excerpt from a story about the 1998 Tour de France,perhapsyou imagine cyclist Pantani coming from behind, pedaling alone on the ascent of Mount Galibier, and being chased more closely as he climbed to the endof the stage at Les Deux Alpes. Or, perhaps you did not realize that thepassage was about a bicycle race, and wondered what the men in the story were doing on a rainy day in the French Alps without jackets. In either case, your comprehension of the passage involves the construction of a model of the events described therein. Moreover, the details of your model will dependboth on what you know about the Tour de France bicycle race and what aspects of your knowledge were brought to bear on interpretation of the passage.