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  • Print publication year: 2009
  • Online publication date: August 2010



Since this book began many years ago, many lives have passed through mine and so through it. Before this book began, many others brought me to it. All of these are still with me, though some only in memory. Gratefulness is not enough, but it is what I have; I offer it now.

To my parents, and theirs, and theirs before them.

To my spouse and friend, Alan Clarke, for the gift of his good heart and strong mind.

To my coauthors – Waerete Norman, Mere Roberts, Vicki Grieves, and Jennifer Daryl Slack – who have generously allowed me to borrow from our work together here.

To my elders, mentors, and teachers – especially Bev and Adam Lussier, Sa'ke'j Youngblood Henderson, and Iris Marion Young – for supporting and believing in me.

To my colleague and friend, Scott Abbott, who quietly, graciously, and selflessly, makes so much possible.

To those who lent strength, advice, and encouragement, in various forms, along the way, especially Wade Chambers, Don Grinde, Dale Jamieson, David Lyons, Thomas Norton-Smith, Scott Pratt, Marilyn Vogler, and Kari Winter.

To my research assistant – Asdaadooitsada (Camille Begay Benally) – who worked on references, and told me stories, while the children slept.

To Elspeth Pope, for the shelter of the northwoods, and her indexing advice.

To Patu Hohepa, for the lovely poroporoaki in honor of Waerete.