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  • Print publication year: 2018
  • Online publication date: May 2018

Appendix V

from Appendices


William Brigeman's bequest [BRO P/AS/C/1/41; fo 5v] – ASB 3, Halleway, pp. 283–4.

Anno domini 1524

Here after follow such books, rolls and scrolls of prick song that William Brigeman late clerk of this parish church hath bequeathed in his testament to the use of this same church under the condition that no children should be taught upon the said books, scrolls and rolls.

In primis, 5 books of a mene [?uniform] volume containing 5 masses.

Item 5 books of a mene volume containing 16 anthems, besides divers Exultavit Salve festa dies with 1 mass sc. ascendo ad patrem qu. W. Brigeman.

Item a book of a large volume containing divers Kyre leyson, alleluia, Masses, anthems, Salve festa dies, Sequences of our lady, In nomine Jhesu, Sospitati, with many other songs for a great part of the year necessary.

Item 4 books of a mene volume containing 3 masses with anthems to sing the Saturdays at Evensong before the Cross with Vidi aquam &c.

Item a thin book of a large volume containing Kyre, alleluia, a mass book of 3 parts &c.

Item a book of paper Riall without a forell containing the passion for palm Sunday and a mass of docter Farfex['s] making called dobull Desolre with an Exultavit.

Item divers other small books and scrolls for children of Sancte deus with other song as Te lucis, Saluater, &c.

Item divers small quires containing anthems of our lady, sc. Sancta Maria, ascendit christus, Tota pulchra, In pace in idipsum, &c.

Item other books of a meme volume containing supra.

Item rolls of paper containing divers anthems, carols, passions for palm Sunday, Salve festa dies, Sospitati, ad sepulchrum, ex mortuis, Te deum, In pace, Inventor Rutili, Confitemini, Dicant nunc, Omnia viderunt, asperges, Gloria in excelsis, Nesciens mater, Regina celi, En rex venit, Gloria laus, with divers other small songs about the number of 40 rolls.