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  • Print publication year: 2003
  • Online publication date: September 2009

4 - Min-CS Rings


In this chapter, we consider the class of left min-CS rings (for which every minimal left ideal is essential in a direct summand) and show that this weak injectivity property is useful in obtaining semiperfect rings. Indeed, it is proved in Theorem 4.8 that if R is left min-CS, then the dual of every simple right R-module is simple, if and only if R is semiperfect with Sι = Sr and soc(Re) is simple and essential for every local idempotent e of R. The hypotheses of Theorem 4.8 are the weakest known conditions of this type that imply that R is semiperfect.

If we strengthen the left min-CS hypothesis in Theorem 4.8 by requiring that each closed left ideal with simple essential socle be a direct summand of RR (R is left strongly min-CS), we obtain a class of rings that satisfies many of the characteristic properties of left PF rings. If instead of assuming in Theorem 4.8 that the duals of simple right R-modules are simple we suppose, more generally, that R is right Kasch, then we obtain a larger class of rings that still retains many of these properties: It is shown in Theorem 4.10 that R is left CS and right Kasch if and only if it is semiperfect and left continuous with SressRR.

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