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  • Print publication year: 1996
  • Online publication date: May 2018

Preface to the English editions


Preface to the First English Edition

A number of English and American colleagues have expressed a desire for an English translation of this book, which they feel would be useful in final year B.Sc. Honours Metallurgy or master's degree courses. I am very pleased that two of my friends and former co-workers, Janet and Barry Mordike, have undertaken this work since they are familiar with the Göttingen as well as the British lecture courses. I would like to thank them for their careful and sensitive translation.

The English edition has provided the opportunity to correct a number of errors in the German version which have been pointed out to me by students and colleagues, especially Professor A. W. Sleeswyk, Drs H. H. Homann and V. Schlett. SI units are now used wherever it seemed advisable. Drs L. Schultz and R. Wagner have helped in proof-reading.

Peter Haasen

Caen, July 1976

Preface to the Third English Edition

The third edition of this book follows that of the German original as it was revised and enlarged in 1993. I am pleased that many English and American colleagues use the text in their courses and give me the benefit of their comments.

Peter Haasen

Göttingen, Summer 1993