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  • Print publication year: 2012
  • Online publication date: April 2018

Appendix - Abantu-Batho Editors and Editorial Staff

from PART II - Anthology



Pixley ka Isaka Seme (1882–1951), board of directors chair, managing editor, 1912–16?; acting editor, 1916 and 1917/18?

Levi Thomas Mvabaza (1870s–1947?), managing director, 1916–31?

J. T. Gumede (1867–1947), owner, 1929–31


Cleopas Kunene (1866–1917), editor, English/isiZulu, 1912–late 1915; mid-1916–April? 1917

Daniel Simon Letanka (1874–1932), Sesotho/SeTswana editor, 1912–31; a director

Saul Msane (1856–1919), editor, February 1914–July 1916

Robert Grendon (1867?–1949), editor, 1915–July 1916

Levi Thomas Mvabaza (1870s?–1947?), isiXhosa editor, 1916–31

Jeremiah Dunjwa (d. 1935), joined staff, 1913, isiXhosa editor, 1916?

Henry Selby Msimang (1886–1982), sub-editor or ‘Special Commissioner’, 1913–?; isiZulu English editor, May/June 1917?–February 1918?

Herbert Nuttall Vuma Msane, editor or sub-editor, 1917–?

Horatio L. Bud-M'belle, sub-editor, 1917?–19?

Richard Victor Selope Thema (1886–1955), sub-editor? a.1914?–1920; acting isiZulu/English editor, February 1918–?

Nontsizi Elizabeth Mgqwetho, poet and possibly staff, 1919.

Epafras Mogagabise Ramaila (1897–1962), possible contributor, 1917?–29?

Trevor Dan Mweli Skota (1893–1976), organiser/sub-editor, 1912; editor,1927?–31?

A. W. G. Champion (1893–1975), editor or sub-editor, 1930–1


C. S. Mabaso (d. 1935), secretary of Abantu-Batho Ltd., General Agent, 1912–29?

Serasengoe Philip Merafe, “foreman machineminder”, 1912–14

Moffat Caluza (outsourced printer)


Data from Grant Christison, from death notice in NASA, Pretoria, TAB, MHG 31992.

Over the years, argues Chris Lowe (e-mail to editor 29 July 2011), some writers have conflated the names of Horatio L. Bud-M'belle and Isaiah Bud-M'belle to: ‘Horatio Isaiah Budlwana (Bud) Mbelle’ (E. J. Verwey (ed.), New Dictionary of South African Biography, vol. 1 (Pretoria: HSRC, 1999): 170) and ‘Horatio Isaiah Bud-Mbelle’ (T. Karis and G. M. Carter (eds), From Protest to Challenge: A Documentary History of African Politics in South Africa, 1882–1964, vol. 4 (Stanford: Hoover University Press, 1977): 12), with later errors perhaps originating in the latter source. Horatio was a nephew of Isaiah. Sometimes it is also spelt M'belle or Mbelle.

Data from Chris Lowe; T. D. M. Skota (ed.), The African Yearly Register, Being an Illustrated National Biographical Dictionary (Who's Who) of Black Folks in Africa (Johannesburg: Esson, 1931): 53 lists Selope Thema only as a ‘correspondent’.

Donald Herdeck, African Authors (Washington, DC: Black Orpheus Press, 1973): 359.