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  • Print publication year: 2007
  • Online publication date: June 2018

Social Work & Social Welfare



Introductions to the subject

824 Clinical social work practice: an integrated approach

M.G. Cooper and J.G. Lesser 2nd edn, Allyn & Bacon, 2004, 256pp. $83.60. ISBN 9780205408115.

Aimed at advanced clinical practitioners and students. Looks at how to integrate theory and practice on multiple levels. Clinical examples are viewed through the lenses of specific theoretical models and models of intervention are discussed for individual, family or group situations.

825 Community care

N. Thompson and S. Thompson Russell House, 2005, 112pp. ISBN 1903855586.

Provides an introductory overview of the theory base underpinning community care practice, laying the foundations for future learning and development and building on that foundation by exploring a range of practice issues.

826 Counselling skills in social work practice

J. Seden 2nd edn, Open University, 2005, 192pp. £17.05. ISBN 0335216498.

A practical no-nonsense guide to the application of counselling skills to social work practice. It is written from the author's first-hand experience of working in the field and teaching counselling skills to social work students. Contains useful hints and tips for trainees and busy practitioners and is illustrated throughout with examples of good practice.

827 Effective practice in health and social care: a partnership approach

R. Carnwell and J. Buchanan Open University Press, 2005, 288pp. ISBN 0335214371.

Looks at partnership in human services between different professional groups delivering health and social care to a broad range of service users. Each chapter focuses on how the challenges of partnership work can be overcome and this is supported by examples from practice and research.

828 Essential theory for social work practice

C. Beckett Sage Publications, 2006, 240pp. £17.40. ISBN 9781412908740.

Takes a realistic and honest approach to the realities of everyday practice. Part 1 establishes what social workers do and the tools they need; Part 2 considers how to assess, handle and support change in others; Part 3 explores the wide range of roles that social workers must fulfil; and Part 4 strengthens these links between theory and practice. Also includes exercises, case examples, chapter summaries and practice notes.

829 Evidence-based social work: a guide for the perplexed

T. Newman [et al.] Russell House, 2005, 160pp. £15.50. ISBN 1903855551.

This book advises practitioners on how to formulate practice questions and find information which can answer these questions and to appraise the information for trustworthiness and relevance and build this process into practice on a regular basis.