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  • Print publication year: 2007
  • Online publication date: June 2018

Finance, Accountancy & Taxation



Introductions to the subject

2927 A financial history of the United States

M.G. Myers Columbia University Press, 1970, 451pp. ISBN 0231024428.

Covers US financial history from the colonial period until the mid-1960s, examining both public and private finance. Significant periods in US history are detailed from a financial perspective, including the American Civil War, World War 1 and World War 2. A fascinating history written in a spare, uncluttered style.

2928 A financial history of Western Europe

C.P. Kindleberger 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, 1993, 544pp. £40. ISBN 0195077385.

Divided into five main parts: Money, Banking, Finance, The Interwar Period and After World War 2. Begins with the evolution of money in Western Europe, encompassing events such as the 1929 stock market crash and European economic integration. Includes a detailed glossary, chronology and histories of major European economies, including Germany and Italy. A wide-ranging, detailed study, invaluable to financial historians.

2929 The Review of Financial Studies

Oxford University Press, 1988–, 6 p.a. $55. ISSN 08939454.

Published on behalf of the Society for Financial Studies, this journal promotes new research on financial economics, balancing theoretical and empirical contributions. Recent articles have examined trends in IPOs, portfolio selection and interest rate movements.

Dictionaries, thesauri, classifications

2930 Dictionnaire de l'anglais economique, commercial et financier: Anglais/Française, Français/Anglais (Dictionary of economic, commercial and financial English: English/French, French/English)

Langues Pour Tous, 2003, 775pp. €23. ISBN 2266068822.

Useful English/French dictionary covering around 85,000 economic and financial terms. Vocabulary covers both macroeconomic and microeconomic terminology and variations between British and American terms are highlighted. Suitable for both business and financial professionals.

2931 Financial glossary

Includes over 5000 financial terms in English, French and Italian. Terms can be viewed alphabetically or using the simple search function. The site is basic but effective.

2932 Handbook of international financial terms

P. Moles and N. Terry Oxford University Press, 1999, 688pp. £45. ISBN 0198294816.

Aims to be the most comprehensive financial reference book, providing definitions for obscure terms such as ‘Butterfly’, ‘Streaker’ and ‘Cocktail Swap’, alongside more common financial expressions. Definitions are clear and supplemented with graphs, equations and examples where required. As the book was published in 1997 some entries have dated, but the vast majority are still applicable today.