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  • Print publication year: 1992
  • Online publication date: October 2009

16 - The intimacy motivation scoring system


The scoring system for the intimacy motive is comprised of 10 thematic categories, 2 of which are labeled “Prime Tests” and 8 of which are subcategories. The task of the scorer is first to determine the presence (+1) or absence (0) of Prime Tests 1 and 2 (+A and Dlg) in the story. If either or both of the Prime Tests are present, then the scorer should proceed through the remaining 8 subcategories, systematically detecting for each category its presence (+1) or absence (0) in the story. If neither Prime Test 1 nor Prime Test 2 is present, then all scoring of that story is terminated, and the story receives a score of 0. Each of the 10 categories receives either 1 point or 0. It is possible for the same phrase or sentence to be scored for the presence of more than 1 category. Each category can be scored only once per story. The total score for each story is simply the sum of the points for the 10 categories. Hence, the maximum score possible for each story is 10; minimum is 0.


A relationship is defined as any meeting or encounter between (among) two or more human characters in the story in which there is interaction.