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  • Cited by 8
  • Print publication year: 2017
  • Online publication date: July 2017

13 - From Image Schema to Metaphor in Discourse: The FORCE Schemas in Animation Films

from Part III - Metaphor in Discourse


<span class='bold'>Chapter Preview</span>

Moving toward a place and manipulating objects are probably the most important manifestations of goal-oriented actions. Both SELF-PROPELLED MOTION TOWARD A DESTINATION and MAKING AN OBJECT are thus profoundly embodied source domains for the metaphorical conceptualization of PURPOSIVE ACTIVITY. Of these metaphors, only the former – popularly known as LIFE IS A JOURNEY – has received a large amount of attention. Focusing especially on the role of the various FORCE schemas (Johnson 1987), this chapter investigates metaphors from both source domains in three short animation films. Animation provides a perfect medium to express these metaphors in a condensed, aesthetically appealing, and emotion-generating manner. In line with Conceptual Metaphor Theory, it is argued that viewers’ understanding and appreciation of these metaphors critically depends on image schemas. Stressing that the body is the beginning but not the end of meaning-making, the chapter also shows that this understanding cannot be reduced to them and that cultural and contextual factors qualify and fine-tune embodied schemas.