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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: September 2011

21 - Development-oriented perspectives on global trade governance

from Part V - Conclusion


Demand for global trade governance that supports development is high. Developing countries have long called for a greater role in governing the global economy and its trading system. As the importance of developing countries in global trade rises and South–South trade among them grows (UNCTAD 2010), they have stepped up calls for a stronger say in the decision-making processes and institutions that impact how global trade is conducted and the way its rules are made, implemented and enforced.

This book shows that the way global trade is governed can facilitate or hinder the prospects for reaching rules and arrangements that benefit developing countries. Yet, to date, the visibility of development perspectives in the scholarly debates on global trade governance has been weak. The unique contribution of this volume is its compilation of a broad geographical spectrum of development-oriented views and proposals, and its engagement of scholars and practitioners from government, international organizations and stakeholder groups. The volume builds on a large body of literature and many years of policy discussion on global trade governance, the future of the global trading system and how to make trade fairer for developing countries.

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