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  • Print publication year: 2009
  • Online publication date: January 2010

1 - Introduction


The intellectuals of the left are writing a new chapter: blaming a democracy which is at last defending itself from the Oslo terror regime of mouth shutting for allegedly deteriorating into despotism.

– Amnon Lord (2002)

There is no real difference between the peace activists who are defending the murderers and the murderers themselves.

Owen (2003)

Facts seem to have no impact on the left.…This is a left that doesn't know when to stop and ask itself questions or to reflect whether perhaps what it said yesterday is no longer correct today.…A meeting with them leaves one with the impression that the same [faulty] diskette has been implanted in their brains.

– David Fogel (2003)

Contrary to what the leftists argue, the price of being one is actually nil. It is even beneficial. You show the entire world that you are not narrow-minded or self-centered.…The preaching and nonsense of the left can be found even in food columns in the newspapers.…Defeatist remarks appear in the transportation section, in by-the-way comments of sports journalists and, of course, much more openly in the lectures of many university professors. After all, that's today's bon ton.

– Uri Orbach (2004)

The only thing the left, insisting on staying within the parameters of militarism and Zionism and their historical narrative, can offer Palestinians, is peace “from a position of superiority,” hoping all the while that “Gaza will sink into the sea,” as its beloved martyr Rabin once put it.

– Tel Aviv Critical Mass against the Wall (2004)

No, there is no peace movement in Israel and unfortunately…until you end occupation…and the civil society developed in Israel is liberated from Zionist ideology, only then we have a chance for reconciliation.

– Ilan Pappe (2005)