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Introducing Second Language Acquisition
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Written for students encountering the topic for the first time, this is a clear and practical introduction to second language acquisition (SLA). Using non-technical language, it explains how a second language is acquired; what the learner of a second language needs to know; and why some learners are more successful than others. This new edition of Muriel Saville-Troike's bestselling textbook introduces in a step-by-step fashion a range of fundamental concepts, such as SLA in adults and children, in formal and informal learning contexts and in diverse socio-cultural settings. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, it encourages students to consider SLA from linguistic, psychological and social perspectives. Providing a solid foundation in SLA, this book has become the leading introduction to the field for students of linguistics, psychology and education, and trainee language teachers.


‘Just what everyone teaching second language acquisition has been waiting for – a truly undergraduate textbook. It explains the terms regularly used by those in the field but not always understood by beginners. It is non-partisan in its approach, well organized, clearly laid out and provides good, worked-through examples. A most welcome addition – it is the first truly ‘joined up' work in the field!'

Vera Regan - University College Dublin

‘An excellent text, useful to a wide range of students, not only to those in undergraduate linguistics programs, but to beginning graduate students in education too.'

Robert Bayley - University of Texas, San Antonio

‘… a useful resource for both undergraduate and graduate students who would like to know more about the learning process and language acquisition and the teachers who need to explain these to them.'

Source: Asian EFL Journal

‘By structuring an SLA course around the main questions the field investigates, Saville-Troike focuses students' attention on the important issues that illuminate the study of SLA. The adaptable nature of the book also makes it ideal for courses that include both undergraduate and graduating students, and for courses that have both students who intend to continue taking courses in SLA, and those who do not. Saville-Troike's text is a timely and welcome addition to the profession.'

Wynne Wong - Ohio State University

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