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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: June 2019

11 - How Much Do the Levels of Factors Vary?


Variations in the levels of factors that predict Having a Current Partner, and variations in the levels of factors that predict Relationship Satisfaction and Relationship Commitment, are explored in this chapter. These variations are discussed in terms of overall means and standard deviations, and variations in means across relationship types and across cultural regions.

The means (averages) and standard deviations (s.d.) of Having a Current Partner and of the Comprehensive Factors predicting Having a Current Partner are listed in Table 11.1. The standard deviations indicate the amount of individual variation in responses across all participants in the study. The possible responses for Having a Current Partner and for having had a previous partner are 0=NO to 1=YES, hence those means indicate percentages expressed as decimals. Age varied from 18 to 84. The other factors have possible responses from 0=NOT AT ALL to 8=EXTREMELY.