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  • Print publication year: 2018
  • Online publication date: August 2019



International investment law and arbitration commands global interest. It is the arena in which investor-State dispute settlement unfolds, a taught subject at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, a field of practice, an academic pursuit, and even a political compaign. Shaped by general international law, investment treaties, arbitral jurisprudence and academic writings, international investment law and arbitration is as dynamic as its constituent variables. The variety of viewpoints on virtually every legal issue sustains an intense, ongoing international dialogue. Yet, this variety also poses a serious challenge to the systematic study of international investment law and arbitration.

This book is the first to synthesise the moving parts of international investment law and arbitration into a comprehensive narrative with a hybrid casebook-textbook format. By pairing carefully curated extracts from voluminous Awards and other documents with original commentary and analysis, Lim, Ho and Paparinskis deftly enhance the informative value of a traditional casebook with the explanatory value of a traditional textbook. And in doing so, they have written a book that gives their readers the best of both worlds.

Relying on their significant combined teaching, publishing and practical experience, Lim, Ho and Paparinskis deconstruct the many legal complexities and controversies of international investment law and arbitration in nineteen meticulous and engaging chapters. International Investment Law and Arbitration: Commentary, Awards and Other Materials fills the niche in the market for a compact general treatise which strikes a fine balance between doctrinal rigour and practical relevance. It is a book that both students and specialists will find accessible and instructive.

This remarkable first edition is an indispensable resource and an important contribution to the mastery of a prominent discipline.