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  • Print publication year: 2016
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1 - Chronological sequence of missions and events Pages 206 to 400


The circuit, nicknamed Larry's Loop after Larry Crumpler, began on sol 3098 with a drive to Broken Hammer, followed by imaging of the target Upturned Bed on sol 3101. Sol 3100 was MY 31, sol 386, or 13 October 2012. Big Nickel was reached later on sol 3101, Coleman on sol 3103, Barnet on the next sol and Stobie on sol 3105. This was near the top of the ridge, and Opportunity now turned south to approach Garson on sol 3107. This was Station 5 (Figure 102), and after imaging several targets, including a boulder called Frood, the rover moved on to Station 7 at MacLennan, closer to the middle of the survey area. The path to Station 6 was not readily visible from Station 5 for route planning, so the stations were encountered out of order. By sol 3112 Opportunity was at Station 8, McKim, and Station 6, Gertrude, was reached on sol 3114. This was only about 15 m from the location on sol 2751, seen about one Earth year earlier during the northward drive to Greeley Haven.

On sol 3117 Opportunity reached Coniston, a possible remnant of an eroded crater, imaging it and several other targets, including the crater Sao Pantaleo on sol 3119. The next stop, later that sol, was beside the crater where a rocky debris ray was imaged on sol 3121. Sao Cristovao, a large crater filled with sediment, was visited over sols 3124–3127 at Station 11.5 (Figure 102), a station added to the original survey plan on an extension of Larry's Loop jokingly referred to as Ray's Loop after Ray Arvidson. Mars Odyssey was switching from one computer system to its backup at this time, so MRO took over the communication relay work for Opportunity until sol 3129. After imaging several targets, including Agnew Lake, Nippissing and Clara Bell at Sao Cristovao, the rover was driven back towards Whitewater Lake, stopping at Pinecrest on sol 3128, Nickeldale on sol 3132 and finally Sandcherry on sol 3133. This was only 10 m from Whitewater Lake and the survey was complete. MI imaged the sky for calibration purposes on sol 3126 and argon measurements were made by APXS during the circuit of the hill on sols 3099, 3109, 3122 and 3129 to measure atmospheric pressure.

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