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  • Print publication year: 2010
  • Online publication date: October 2010
  • First published in: 1896



HAuing in my first booke made mention of the cities, bounds, diuisions, and some other notable and memorable things contained in Africa; we will in this second part more fully, particularly, largely, and distinctly describe sundrie prouinces, townes, mountaines. situations of places, lawes, rites, and customes, of people. Insomuch that we will leaue nothing vntouched, which may any way serue to the illustrating and perfecting of this our present discourse. Beginning therefore at the west part of Africa, we will in this our geographicall historie proceede eastward, till we come to the borders of Aegypt. And all this our narration following we will diuide into seuen bookes; whereunto (God willing) we purpose to annexe the eighth, which shall intreat of riuers, of liuing creatures, of trees, of plants, of fruits, of shrubs, and of such other most delightfull matters.

Of the region of Hea lying vpon the west part of Africa.

HEa being one of the prouinces of Maroco is bounded westward and northwarde with the maine Ocean, southwarde with the mountaines of Atlas, and eastward with the riuer which they call Esfiualo. This riuer springeth out of the foresaide mountaine, discharging it selfe at length into the riuer of Tensift, and diuiding Hea from the prouince next adiacent.

Of the situation and description of Hea.

THis region of Hea is an vneeuen and rough soile, full of rockie mountaines, shadie woods, and chrystallstreames in all places; being woonderfully rich, and wel stored with inhabitants.