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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: August 2019

10 - Conclusion: Key Recommendations of this Book


Key recommendations of the book. Develop a sustainable, nourishing and resilient global food system founded on ecological or regenerative farming, aquaculture, and urban food production. Replan all of the Earth’s cities so that they recycle all their nutrients and water back into food production and fertile soil, have a sustainable, climate-proof local source of food year-round, and are based on permaculture principles. Re-allocate 20 per cent of world military spending to ‘peace through food’. Understand that sustainable food investment is defence spending, can reduce tensions and so prevent many wars from starting in the first place, and avoid vast movements of refugees which may otherwise overwhelm other regions, countries and cultures. Rewild half the planet through a global movement led by small farmers, former farmers and indigenous peoples, known as Stewards of the Earth, to end the Sixth Extinction of life on Earth. Raise a new generation of food-aware children, who understand how to eat healthily and sustainably, through a Year of Food in every junior school on the planet. Put women in charge of business, politics, government, religion and society for the sake of human civilisation and its survival in the century of its greatest peril.