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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: August 2011

8 - The list of definitions for Carnap


Editorial note

This manuscript is item 111-01-01 A in the Carnap archive at the University of Pittsburgh, and is published here by their permission. The manuscript consists of 35 leaves foliated by Russell from 1 to 35. “Russell” is written by Carnap in the upper left corner of the first leaf. Russell used underlining for emphasizing what was set in print as capitalized section heads and italics. These underlined words are set in italics below. Some numbers are not in numerical order, but rather follow the order in which they are discussed in the “summary” of a given chapter. Russell adds comments and picks out theorems in a manner that reveals that he was also reading through the symbolic portion of each chapter as he composed the list. The selection of definitions is partial, but self contained, with no evidence of Russell slipping, and using symbols which were not defined earlier in the list.

Whitehead and Russell generally define a notion as a relation, and then present a more familiar form as a theorem, e.g. D'R. He says “It is easier, though less correct, to give the latter forms as Dfs. This plan is adopted forthwith.” (p.5) Notice that ✻56, the last number of the paperback reprint of PM (1962), is completed on page 7. Carnap's Abriss uses this notation and follows definitions into Volume II.

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