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The Ethics of Global Climate Change
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Book description

Global climate change is one of the most daunting ethical and political challenges confronting humanity in the twenty-first century. The intergenerational and transnational ethical issues raised by climate change have been the focus of a significant body of scholarship. In this new collection of essays, leading scholars engage and respond to first-generation scholarship and argue for new ways of thinking about our ethical obligations to present and future generations. Topics addressed in these essays include moral accountability for energy consumption and emissions, egalitarian and libertarian perspectives on mitigation, justice in relation to cap and trade schemes, the ethics of adaptation and the ethical dimensions of the impact of climate change on nature.


'The Ethics of Global Climate Change is the first collection to engage the full range of ethical issues posed by global climate change. With original, insightful and accessible contributions from many of the best researchers currently working on the ethics of climate change, it clarifies the ethical dimensions of global climate change and highlights the implications of ethical considerations for both public policy and personal action.'

Ronald Sandler - Northeastern University

'Featuring both essays that clearly outline key ethical issues in the mainstream of debate (and, moreover, engage crisply with others in the volume), alongside contributions that offer alternative perspectives on persistent and troubling problems, this collection will have undoubted value as an introduction for readers coming anew to the ethics of climate change after Copenhagen.'

Christopher Groves Source: Environmental Ethics

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