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English Around the World
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The global spread of English has had widespread linguistic, social and cultural implications, affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. This textbook provides a lively and accessible introduction to world Englishes, describing varieties used in places as broad-ranging as America, Jamaica, Australia, Africa and Asia, and setting them within their historical and social contexts. Students are guided through the material with chapter previews and summaries, maps, timelines, lists of key terms, discussion questions and exercises, and a comprehensive glossary, helping them to understand, analyse and compare different varieties of English, and apply descriptive terminology. The book is accompanied by a useful web site, containing textual and audio examples of the varieties introduced in the text, and links to related sources of interest. Providing essential knowledge and skills for those embarking on the study of world Englishes, this is set to become the leading introduction to the subject.


‘The best book for discovering the rich variety in English and its amazing spread, popularity, and uses around the world.'

John Algeo - University of Georgia

'This is a virtuoso’s overview of the sociolinguistics of English around the world, whilst at the same time a warm, inviting, and detailed introduction to this field for the uninitiated.'

Rajend Mesthrie - University of Cape Town

'English Around the World is a masterfully executed survey of the spread of English from the British Isles to postcolonial countries … In addition to being written in a clear and accessible style, the book provides the readers with all necessary tools, including maps, timelines, exercises, audio recordings, suggestions for further readings, glossaries of linguistic terms and phonetic symbols, lists of key notions discussed in chapters, and questions to guide further investigations of varieties of English. Thanks to these features, [the book] is a highly versatile resource for teachers and students. It may be used as a major reading in a course such as World Englishes. Alternatively, individual chapters may be easily integrated in a variety of courses, from historical linguistics and creole studies to language pedagogy.'

Source: The Linguist List

'The series framework guarantees its success as a textbook. The colloquial style and simulation of argumentation processes might be seen as an aid to invite students to work in the field. Format and style apart, the selection and sequencing of topics is convincing.'

Gerhard Leitner Source: Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies

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