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Engineering Design
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Book description

Contrary to popular mythology, the designs of favorable products and successful systems do not appear suddenly, or magically. This second edition of Engineering Design demonstrates that symbolic representation and related problem-solving methods, offer significant opportunities to clarify and articulate concepts of design to lay a better framework for design research and design education. Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a substantial body of material concerned with understanding and modeling cognitive processes. This book adopts the vocabulary and a paradigm of AI to enhance the presentation and explanation of design. It includes concepts from AI because of their explanatory power and their utility as possible ingredients of practical design activity. This second edition has been enriched by the inclusion of recent work on design reasoning, computational design, AI in design, and design cognition, with pointers to a wide cross section of the current literature.


'Dym and Brown present a useful resource to bring any design engineer interested in AI, or AI computer scientist interested in design, up to speed on the fundamentals of the field. This new edition also hints at emerging ideas from his active area of research. A very nice book, Engineering Design demonstrates how AI can impact the research and practice of engineering design.'

Jonathan Cagan - George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Professor of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

'The original edition provided the basis for a profound understanding of engineering design using concepts from artificial intelligence. In the second edition, Clive Dym and David Brown have, in a masterful manner, made a good book better. This edition brings together newly developed concepts in artificial intelligence and cognitive science to enhance our understanding of design. If you want to understand engineering design there is no better place to start than this book.'

John S. Gero - Research Professor, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, formerly Director, Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition, University of Sydney

Praise for the first edition:'[Dym] has done an excellent job of describing the design process, both the psychological processes of the designer and the interaction between the human designer and the design tools that are now available and becoming available to assist (or collaborate) in the task. The book is a valuable contribution to the design literature and should be of great use as a solid introduction to the field.'

Herbert A. Simon - Nobel Laureate, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Praise for the first edition:'Clive Dym combines ideas and methods from engineering design and artificial intelligence to demonstrate persuasively that design in its full creative sense can be approached computationally with important practical consequence. This places engineering design in a research context that has long been lacking. Many prospects for a useful, formal understanding of design and the design process follow where few were available before. Dym not only provides basic insights about design, but also points the way to future work that will surely impact the design process.'

George Stiny - University of California, Los Angeles

Praise for the first edition:'A very scholarly work, and primarily of value to those interested in the philosophy of the study of design.'

Source: Choice

Praise for the first edition:'Surprisingly for a work in engineering which is typically male-oriented, Dym uses a gender-neutral writing style - a feature especially appreciated by this reviewer. Also appreciated was the helpful index of topics, names, and people mentioned in the book.'

Maxine S. Cohen Source: IEEE Spectrum

Praise for the first edition:'The book does a great job in explaining how AI holds the key to representing design. Overall, the book is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in attaining a complete picture of the field.'

Ankur Mehta Source: Yale Scientific

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