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  • Print publication year: 2017
  • Online publication date: June 2017

Society for New Testament Studies - Series page

167The Death of Jesus in Matthew
148.The Politics of Inheritance in Romans Forman, Mark
149.The Doctrine of Salvation in the First Letter of Peter Williams, Martin
150.Jesus and the Forgiveness of Sins Hägerland, Tobias
151.The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas Gathercole, Simon
152.Paul as an Administrator of God in 1 Corinthians Goodrich, John K.
153.Affirming the Resurrection of the Incarnate Christ Jensen, Matthew D.
154.Riches, Poverty, and the Faithful Mathews, Mark D.
155.Paul and the Rhetoric of Reversal in 1 Corinthians Malcolm, Matthew R.
156.The Genre of Acts and Collected Biographies Adams, Sean A.
157.The Eschatology of 1 Peter Liebengood, Kelly D.
158.The Hermeneutics of Christological Psalmody in Paul Scott, Matthew
159.Corinthian Wisdom, Stoic Philosophy, and the Ancient Economy Brookins, Timothy A.
160.Faith and the Faithfulness of Jesus in Hebrews Easter, Matthew C.
161.Covenant Renewal and the Consecration of the Gentiles in Romans Whittle, Sarah
162.The Role of Jewish Feasts in John’s Gospel Wheaton, Gerry
163.Paul’s Political Strategy in 1 Corinthians 1–4 Bitner, Bradley J.
164.The Pauline Church and the Corinthian Ekklēsia Last, Richard
165.Jesus and the Temple Joseph, Simon J.
166.Ecclesiology and Theosis in the Gospel of John Byers, Andrew J.