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  • Print publication year: 2018
  • Online publication date: September 2018

4 - Countercurrent Chromatography for the Capture Step


This chapter focusses on chromatographic processes for protein capture. The first part provides a detailed description of the mechanistic phenomena involved in protein capture, which can be regarded as a non-competitive binary system protein/impurity, where the protein of interest strongly interacts with the chromatographic medium. Several multi-column counter-current processes allowing the implementation of the sequence of operations necessary in protein capture (load, wash, recovery, regeneration) in a continuous manner are presented in the second part of the chapter. Two process design approaches for multi-column capture processes are provided: an empirical one, which allows to obtain a first guess of the operating conditions from breakthrough curves experiments, and a model-based one, which allows a more rigorous determination of the process variables. The model-based approach is used to compare the performance of multi-column and single-column processes.