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  • Print publication year: 2016
  • Online publication date: May 2016

Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law - Series page

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Kamina, Pascal Film Copyright in the European Union
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Curci, Jonathan The Protection of Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge in International Law of Intellectual Property
Bently, Lionel, Davis, Jennifer and Ginsburg, Jane C. Copyright and Piracy: An Interdisciplinary Critique
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Gangjee, Dev Relocating the Law of Geographical Indications
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Drahos, Peter Intellectual Property, Indigenous People and their Knowledge
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Bottomley, Sean The British Patent System and the Industrial Revolution 1700–1852: From Privileges to Property
Frankel, Susy Test Tubes for Global Intellectual Property Issues: Small Market Economies
Oster, Jan Media Freedom as a Fundamental Right
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Kenyon, Andrew T. Comparative Defamation and Privacy Law
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