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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: October 2012

10 - Letters to Carlton Caves


08 April 1996, “Hartle/Coleman Comments”

I like the grass fire analogy: I agree we should stomp it out if we can. However, as with most debates, I imagine we'll just have to wait until it falls by the wayside … or wait until someone gives it a name like the Modern Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics with Sugar on Top, so that everyone else will just discount it and move on.

Do you know whether Coleman has published any of this? Wojciech first told me about it at least a year ago (and told me I should contact Coleman concerning it to “help your career along”). If you have a copy of the paper, please send it my way. I've been at a little disadvantage in thinking about this because I cannot find my copy of Hartle's paper and the library has been shut down since Wednesday evening; I'll be able to get a new copy Tuesday morning. I know I liked the paper very much after turning semi-Bayesian because of what it said in words (even though I never agreed with the mathematics); however, it certainly did have a frequentist streak running through it … and that's what's bringing us back now.

I think what I'll do in this note is just write down various thoughts as they come to me; I've got a few pieces of junk spread out on my desk to prod me along.