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11 - Clodia's rôle

from Introduction


This is not the place for a full biography of Clodia Metelli, but since C. presents her as his main antagonist in this speech, it is worth considering briefly who she was and what rôle she played in this trial. A daughter of Ap. Claudius Pulcher (cos. 79), she was probably born by 93; she was married, possibly by 79, to Q. Metellus Celer (cos. 60). Of her three brothers, Appius achieved the consulate (54), Gaius the praetorship (56), Publius the tribunate of the plebs (58) and aedileship (56). She also had two sisters, though the order of their births is unclear. In any case, both of her sisters also married consuls: one married L. Licinius Lucullus (cos. 74); the other, Claudia Tertia, married Q. Marcius Rex (cos. 68). Clodia herself was widowed by the sudden death of her husband in 59 (see further on §§59–60). She is known to have possessed three properties, a house on the Palatine, gardens on the Tiber and a house at Baiae. There is no reference to her dated later than 44.