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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: November 2019

17 - Providing research for conservation from long-term field sites


Research for conservation covers a broad spectrum of topics at the interface of ecology, social sciences and economy. Conservation research is conducted in different experimental or observational settings from small to large spatial scales. Biological field stations and long-term research sites offer a unique opportunity to conduct conservation research when established data-collection infrastructure and extensive data records address specific conservation questions. These include the evaluation of conservation interventions or the development and validation of monitoring techniques, for which long-term observations, knowledge of species abundance, or behavioural or ecological data records are needed. This chapter will (i) outline aspects of a conservation research question qualifying it to be addressed at a long-term field site, (ii) list specific questions, studies and disciplines that successfully conducted at the Taï long-term field site and (iii) identify new questions for future conservation research at Taï or other long-term sites. We close the chapter with an outlook on how long-term study sites can attract conservation researchers, with mutual benefit for all parties.