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  • Print publication year: 2017
  • Online publication date: July 2017

Cambridge Companions to Religion - Series page

  • Edited by James R. Lewis, Universitetet i Tromsø, Norway
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • pp ii-ii
American Islam Edited by Hammer, Juliane and Safi, Omid
American Judaism Edited by Kaplan, Dana Evan
American Methodism Edited by Vickers, Jason E.
Ancient Mediterranean Religions Edited by Spaeth, Barbette Stanley
Karl Barth Edited by Webster, John
The Bible 2nd edition Edited by Chilton, Bruce
Biblical Interpretation Edited by Barton, John
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Edited by de Gruchy, John
John Calvin Edited by McKim, Donald K.
Christian Doctrine Edited by Gunton, Colin
Christian Ethics Edited by Gill, Robin
Christian Mysticism Edited by Hollywood, Amy and Beckman, Patricia Z.
Christian Philosophical Theology Edited by Taliaferro, Charles and Meister, Chad
Classical Islamic Theology Edited by Winter, Tim
Jonathan Edwards Edited by Stein, Stephen J.
Feminist Theology Edited by Parsons, Susan Frank
The Jesuits Edited by Worcester, Thomas
Jesus Edited by Bockmuehl, Markus
C. S. Lewis Edited by MacSwain, Robert and Ward, Michael
Liberation Theology Edited by Rowland, Chris
Martin Luther Edited by McKim, Donald K.
Medieval Jewish Philosophy Edited by Frank, Daniel H. and Leaman, Oliver
Modern Jewish Philosophy Edited by Morgan, Michael L. and Gordon, Peter Eli
Mohammed Edited by Brockup, Jonathan E.
Pentecostalism Edited by Robeck, Cecil M. Jr and Yong, Amos
Political Theology Edited by Hovey, Craig and Phillips, Elizabeth
Postmodern Theology Edited by Vanhoozer, Kevin J.
Power of Evil Edited by Meister, Chad and Moser, Paul
Puritanism Edited by Coffey, John and Lim, Paul C. H.
The Qur’an Edited by McAuliffe, Jane Dammen