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  • Print publication year: 2012
  • Online publication date: June 2012




If you are reading this you must have at least a passing interest in the ethical and social issues generated by biotechnology. Maybe a newspaper article or television programme has made you worry about cloning, bio-security or human–animal hybrids? Perhaps you have found yourself embroiled in a bioethical problem at work or as the result of needing IVF? Or perhaps you are a student required to do bioethics as part of your course? Or a school teacher, or college or university lecturer charged with teaching bioethics? If you are an instructor there are special notes for you at the end of this section.

I have written this book to help anyone with an interest in the ethical and social problems thrown up by our fastest moving areas of science and technology. The book will help its readers:

understand the key issues in bioethics and the different positions people take on them;

appreciate the arguments for and against the differing positions;

discuss the issues with confidence;

think productively about the issues that might arise in the future;

come to their own considered positions on various issues, understanding the arguments for and against those positions.