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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: August 2019

Elysium (MC-15)

from Map Sheets


Elysium Mons rises 14 km above the surrounding plains, while nearby Albor Tholus is 4 km high. Much of the quadrangle consists of plains near datum to –3,000 m, but in the east, Tartarus Montes, Tartarus Colles, and the rimmed depression, Orcus Patera, constitute a more rugged region, largely made up of knobs and low plateaus and ridges that separate Elysium Planitia from Amazonis Planitia to the east (MC-8). To the south of Orcus, Marte Vallis extends from Elysium Planitia into the Amazonis basin. Elysium Planitia includes the landing site of the InSight mission, which is exploring the interior of Mars using geophysical measurements.

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