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  • Print publication year: 2009
  • Online publication date: October 2010
  • First published in: 1861



RICHARD BAKES, matriculated as a pensioner of Christ's college 9 Nov. 1568, proceeded B.A. 1572-3. He subsequently removed to Caius college, and in 1576 commenced M.A. as a member of that house. He was hanged at Tyburn 6 Dec. 1594. We know not his offence. The fact that he suffered the extreme penalty of the law appears by the register of the Stationers' company, which records the entry to Thomas Gosson and William Blackwell of a ballad entitled the Wofull lamentacion of Richard Banes executed at Tybone the 6 of December 1594.

He is author of:

A Note contayninge the opinion of one Christopher Marlye eoncernynge his damnable opinions and judgment of Rely gion and scorne of God's worde. MS. Harl. 6853, fo. 320; Ritson's Observations on Warton's Hist. Engl. Poetry, p. 40; Marlowe's Works, ed. Dyce, 1858, p. 389.

Reg. Stationers' Company, B. 316. Eitson on Warton's Engl. Poet. 40–42. Marlowe's Works, ed. Dyce.

RICHARD BECON, matriculated as a pensioner of S. John's college 12 Nov. 1567, proceeded B.A. 1571, and commenced M.A. 1575. He afterwards studied the common law at Gray's inn, and by patent dated 17 Dec. 1586 was appointed her majesty's attorney for the province of Munster. Another person was appointed to that office in 1591.

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