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Anatomy of Flowering Plants
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Book description

In the 2007 third edition of her successful textbook, Paula Rudall provides a comprehensive yet succinct introduction to the anatomy of flowering plants. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, the book covers all aspects of comparative plant structure and development, arranged in a series of chapters on the stem, root, leaf, flower, seed and fruit. Internal structures are described using magnification aids from the simple hand-lens to the electron microscope. Numerous references to recent topical literature are included, and new illustrations reflect a wide range of flowering plant species. The phylogenetic context of plant names has also been updated as a result of improved understanding of the relationships among flowering plants. This clearly written text is ideal for students studying a wide range of courses in botany and plant science, and is also an excellent resource for professional and amateur horticulturists.


"With the excellent print quality of the unsurpassed color plates, the book remains a wonderful example of classic botanic work, and is an inspiration to anybody interested in Botany. The flora comes with an expectedly high price tag, but it is no doubt worth the investment."
Rainer Bussmann, Plant Science Bulletin

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